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Piety Doesn’t Always Start on One’s Knees

Every religious institute has a “take” on prayer, apostolate, vows, community and so on. As Paulines we call it having the Pauline “color.” Our Founder urged us always to take on this Pauline mentality and mode of living, praying, and working. It is clear then, that when you put a Benedictine next to a Carmelite you see clear distinctions between them, although they both love prayer, carry out a mission, take vows and live in community. A Franciscan doesn’t quite lo...
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My Damascus Events

A Personal Reflection on Paul's Damascus Event: Light and darkness, sight and blindness, power and weakness, control and surrender. The “Damascus event” in Paul’s life is often played out in my own, though in a less dramatic manner. Lord Jesus, I meet you in so many ways: sometimes in silence and prayer or by stumbling to the ground of my existence.As I journey through the days of my life, stop me, call out my name, send me your dazzling light, and take hold of me...
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7 Reasons To Have Devotion to St. Paul

Did you ever come across a treasure that was right under your eyes and all of a sudden discovered it as a new-found precious gift?That's what happened to me—but it was more of a gradual discovery. When I entered the Daughters of St. Paul fifty-­seven years ago, I was introduced to Saint Paul with a copy of his Epistles in a translation that was a bit scholarly and hard for my teenage mind to grasp. But over the years, with the encouragement of our Founder, Blessed James Alberi...
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We Are Apostles of Christ: Reflections on My Perpetual Profession

Apostle!  Of the thousands of beautiful, inspiring, and sometimes challenging words listened to and read during the year I spent in Italy preparing for perpetual vows, this is one of the words that struck me the most. That the word "apostle" spoke to me in so many new ways surprised me, since as Daughters of St. Paul we are familiar with and use the word “apostle” many times daily. We encounter and pray with Jesus and his apostles every day as we meditat...
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Mary: The Fastest Way to Be Transformed in Christ

From the writings of Blessed Timothy Giaccardo the first professed Pauline priest of the Society of St. Paul founded by Blessed James Alberione, SSP in 1914.The diary of Blessed Timothy from his years in the seminary testifies and confirms how much he grew in devotion to Mary most holy.Little by little as the years passed, his love for Mary increased, guiding his entire life. “Everything for Mary” was the primary point of Marian piety of Father Timothy. ...
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How Can We Together Conquer Evil with Good?

On important feasts of the Church or the congregation, our Mother General Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan writes a letter to all the sisters and I wanted to share this one with you all. This letter was written for the feast of St. Bernard August 20th, which is the Anniversary of the Foundation of the Pauline Family. It was on this day that the Society of St. Paul was founded (priests and brothers), with the Daughters of St. Paul being founded a year later in 1915. The other institutes of the Pauline Fam...
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Discover a Pauline Way to Find Hope in the News

I was always impressed as a young sister that Blessed James Alberione was a great student of history. If I remember correctly, as a seminary professor he set himself to the task of reading a 20 volume history of the world. Even as a founder of a religious congregation the time he spent reading the newspaper was sacred.Lately I have become a fan of Flipboard, an app that collates articles by topic, source, or author through social sharing. As a user you have a fantastically rich and organized col...
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