Mary: The Fastest Way to Be Transformed in Christ

From the writings of Blessed Timothy Giaccardo the first professed Pauline priest of the Society of St. Paul founded by Blessed James Alberione, SSP in 1914.

The diary of Blessed Timothy from his years in the seminary testifies and confirms how much he grew in devotion to Mary most holy.

Little by little as the years passed, his love for Mary increased, guiding his entire life. “Everything for Mary” was the primary point of Marian piety of Father Timothy. Consequently he strove to continually perfect, in intention and love, whatever he did for Mary.

“My devotion to you became characterized by greater fervor, ‘always more’ with Mary, in Mary, for Mary; a complete personal quality.

“The love of a perfect devotion to my heavenly Mother is more and more victorious in me! She transforms me in Jesus Christ. O Mary, you know how much I love you! You are my all, I am all yours!”

“O Mary, you know that Jesus is my ideal: when will I be taken possession of by him? When will I reach the measure of his fullness? When will I be able to say as St. Paul: ‘Christ lives in me’? See I offer myself to you.”

“O Mary, my Mother, who will give me Jesus? Who will make me know, imitate and love him? You, who have given him to the shepherds, to the magi, to all humanity.”

In the seminary, where he won the esteem and love of his companions and superiors, Giaccardo was the leader and animator of the “Circle of the Immaculate,” whose purpose was to gather the seminarians who desired to help and support one another in the work of their own priestly formation and sanctification.

The first time Blessed Timothy spoke in public he spoke of the Blessed Mother.

“I thank you, Mary most holy, because the first opportunity I was given to speak in public, I spoke about devotion to you.”

Faithful to his resolution, once he became a priest he never neglected to speak of Mary in his sermons or in his exhortations. In those moments his face, his expression were transfigured, and his words flowed easily and convincingly.



Blessed Timothy Giaccardo


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