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Novena to St. Paul—Offered in Reparation for the Misuse of the Media

Join in praying this Novena to Saint Paul, in reparation for the misuse of the media and so that everyone will use the media as God intends: for God's glory and the good of God's people.
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Hearing His Voice, Sharing His Message

Did you ever ask yourself how God speaks to those who listen? In prayer the Lord speaks to our heart. We may be occupied during the day, however if we turn to him even just for a moment in prayer he is speaking to us and helping us to discern what we are to do on a daily basis.Now let us turn to the shepherds who were tending their flocks in the field. The Lord sent his angels to tell them the good news that the Messiah, Jesus, the Lord, has been born in Bethlehem.We have here the account from t...
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