Hour of Adoration Celebrating the Night Between the Centuries

«Were he to comply with your request and tell you something of what he still remembers and that you consider useful for the Pauline Family, he would have to recount a twofold story: [first] the story of God’s Mercy so as to sing a marvelous “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to all people.” And then, the humiliating story of his lack of conformity to the overabundance of divine love and his need to compose a new and sorrowful “Miserere”» (AD 1). 

This is how Blessed James Alberione begins his charismatic account of the birth and growth of the Pauline Family: a story marked in a special way by the night of light that divided the last century from the present one (the night between 31.12.1900 and 01.01.1901). This night “was crucial for the specific mission and particular spirit in which his future Apostolate would come to light and be lived out. After the solemn midnight Mass in the Cathedral of Alba, exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed. […] Particular enlightenment came from the Host and a greater understanding of the invitation of Jesus: «Venite ad me omnes» (Come to me, all of you)…. 

We want to celebrate a communal prayer of thanksgiving for everything that followed that night and for all the life and holiness that flowed from it. We also want to ask that the light that accompanied that night will never be lacking to our “marvelous Pauline Family.” 

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