Christmas Greetings from Mother General

Dearest Sisters, 

Affectionate best wishes that the experience of Christmas,
our meeting with Love, will enable us to recount
our intimate joy, made up of wonder and tenderness,
in communicating “what we have heard,
what we have seen with our eyes,
what we have looked upon and touched with our hands–the Word of life.”
Let us gather before the Babe of Bethlehem
and ask of him the gift of a bold, missionary and joyous faith.
Let our wish for one another be that we might make space for him,
allowing him to enter our houses and our hearts.
Fr. Alberione sent M. Thecla this beautiful message for Christmas 1946:
“Today our Queen and Mother fulfills her apostolate
by offering us Baby Jesus.
She places him in your arms, in your heart.
Never forsake him.
Carry him with you every day, with always greater love.”
Our heartfelt best wishes to every sister,
from the oldest down to the last one to enter the Congregation.
And our sincere gratitude to our collaborators and Pauline Cooperators,
who share our labors and hopes,
and who, with great dedication, support our proclamation of the Gospel
in every corner of the world.

With deep affection,

Sr. Anna Maria
and the Sisters of the General Government