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Hold on to the true, good, and beautiful Shepherd

Two days ago I exited our temporarily closed Pauline Book & Media Center and a twenty-something-year-old woman bounded up to me excitedly and asked, “Do you work at the Catholic bookstore?” I responded with a big smile, “Yes!” She asked, “Are you hiring?”  I replied that we weren’t, and she quickly rejoined, “Do you know anyone who is?” Promising prayers was all I could do, though I wished I could do more. And once again, I was ...
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Finding Spiritual Communion in a Pandemic - A Letter from the Provincial Superior

Dear Friend,Happy Easter to you! I’m thinking of you who have been our friends for so many years. We sisters have met you in our centers, online, on the phone, on social media, through our newsletters, on YouTube—in so many ways and in so many places. In these days we are isolated in our homes, but still not far apart at all. The Word of God and the hope of Easter bring us together in spiritual communion. Dark days are punctuated by the Light of Christ who has conquered darkness...
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