Finding Spiritual Communion in a Pandemic - A Letter from the Provincial Superior

Dear Friend,

Happy Easter to you! 

I’m thinking of you who have been our friends for so many years. We sisters have met you in our centers, online, on the phone, on social media, through our newsletters, on YouTube—in so many ways and in so many places. In these days we are isolated in our homes, but still not far apart at all. The Word of God and the hope of Easter bring us together in spiritual communion. Dark days are punctuated by the Light of Christ who has conquered darkness and the grave.

We sisters have been so inspired by all of you. Every encounter we have with you makes it abundantly clear to us that our mission of witnessing to the Gospel in our media culture is so needed during these times. Even with social distancing, you are helping us to build a community of faith that is strong.

Over the years, crucial support from you our friends has helped us to reach out as effective missionaries for over 80 years, and made it possible to position our mission now to bring light, comfort and hope in times such as these. Thousands of people have joined our live-streamed Facebook videos called Surviving Depression in a Pandemic, prayed with us in live Eucharistic adoration, joined live-streamed #SpiritualCommunion prayer and conversation videos, and thousands of families have viewed our “Storytime with the Sisters” read-alouds. Hundreds of people are connecting through our Spiritual Adoption program.

In this time of uncertainty, people are seeking God more than ever. Your continued generosity allows us to adapt to these changing times and be always more creative in offering the Gospel to a world ready to hear it now as never before.

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That is why I am asking for your help.

Like many of you, we have had to put our normal methods of outreach and sources of income on hold during this time. I need your help to provide for my sisters and to keep our mission growing and dynamic so the Word of God is available to people at this urgent moment.

We humbly ask that you prayerfully consider making a gift to the Daughters of St. Paul and our mission of communicating the Gospel through our consecrated lives and through the media. No gift is too small! Every donation is a seed of hope that plants the Gospel more firmly in human hearts.

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Everyone who gives a recurring gift becomes a member of Partners in the Gospel, a passionate group of monthly donors who give what they can to partner with us in advancing the Gospel in the world today. The generous women and men who are Partners in the Gospel make it possible for the Daughters of St. Paul to awaken hearts to a lived and felt relationship with God by witnessing to the Gospel in our media culture. Members of Partners in the Gospel have the opportunity of sharing in the weekly live-streamed digital meetings on spiritual growth and holiness in our My Sisters private Facebook Group, and will receive a monthly video message from Sr. Tracey Dugas, FSP, our Director of Pauline Mission Advancement.

All of the sisters and I are praying for each one of you. As St Paul said to the Philippians, “We hold you in our heart” (Phil 1:7). The suffering, the grief enveloping our world can imbue us with a sense of powerlessness, uncertainty, or fear. But in this darkness Christ calmly and securely carries us.

May the hope that Jesus has given us all through his Resurrection open us to his grace so that we can be, all together, Christ’s light for the world.

God bless you!

Sr. Donald Maria Lynch, FSP
Superior of the Daughters of St Paul
United States and English Speaking Canada Province


PS: Don't forget to check out how we are with you during this uncertain and challenging time of the pandemic.


“One love: Jesus Christ; 
one burning desire to give him to souls.” 
Blessed James Alberione




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