Jubilee Celebration 2015: Rejoicing in God's Fidelity

On this July day the Lord calls us together to celebrate Jubilee, the joyful recognition of God’s love and fidelity to our sisters in the course of 25, 60, 75 years! It is a festive day as each remembers the unconditional love of the One who calls, the very personal and individual way He walks and converses with each one, the deep relationship and bond with Him and with the sisters of community. The pervading feeling is one of gratitude. In the first reading, the author of Isaiah, speaking in t...
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St. Thérèse and My Vocation

I was baptized Teresa Marie, with St. Thérèse of Lisieux as my patron. Saint Thérèse was a really easy saint for me to connect with as a child: she has so many stories from her childhood; her “little way” was quite understandable to me as a kid; my grandfather gave me a relic of her which I treasured; and when I was around twelve, I read herAutobiography for the first time.  But by the time I was twelve, I almost regretted having her as a patron. St. Thérèse was supposed to be my patron saint,...
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In Jesus We Reveal the Face of Love

Ask any Daughter of St. Paul why she entered the community, and the answers will be as varied as the women you ask. At the heart of each response, however, will be an absolute dedication to evangelization, to bringing the hope of the Gospel to today’s world with the fastest and most effective means possible, the means of communication.The Daughters of St. Paul are a community of vowed women religious who dedicate their lives to sharing the mystery of Christ’s love with the people of today thro...
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Magnificat! 100 Years and a Single Step

Reflections on My Forever “Yes.”Sr. Emi Magnificat’s Reflections on Her Retreat before Perpetual Profession2015 is a special year for the Daughters of St. Paul; we are celebrating our Centenary Year! 100 years of God’s faithfulness has brought us together to where we are today and continues to call us out of ourselves to respond to him in always greater trust, availability, creativity and deep love.2015 has also been also a special year for me, as I am preparing to make my perpetual professi...
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