Advent: We are still awaiting a Savior

This holy season of Advent is a common favorite among my Sisters. Those of you who follow us on social media may even have noticed that Sr. Julia Mary has been gearing up for this season by selecting spiritual reading (you can join the thousands that follow her on Instagram). But what is it about this season that is especially attractive? Perhaps it is the sense of waiting. It is the waiting that reminds us of the purity and excitement of children awaiting traditions and gifts at Christmas.

Advent is a privileged moment in which the Church invites us to settle into the reality that we are all still awaiting the Savior. This year our joys, however great, have not completely fulfilled us, and our sorrows, however deep, mysteriously call for a time of harmony and peace. But how often do we turn away from ourselves and consider that God is waiting for us?

When two friends anticipate a reunion both wait for each other. Isn’t that true? 

The one who loves more waits with greater anticipation and has the greater joy in the reunion. 

As we enter into this brief Advent of 2017, I bet—actually I am fairly certain—we would bring delight to Our Beloved Savior if we took time in his presence and acknowledged that he, Love Incarnate, undoubtedly is waiting for you and for me to come to him. His love is infinitely greater than ours, and he waits with unbounded anticipating, and his joy will be immense when you and I lay our hopes and dreams at his feet again. 

My Sisters and I are praying for you, your families, and your special intentions during this beautiful season. May we all go to him and tell him, with the simplicity of beloved children of a Good Father, that we have been waiting for him. Then let us listen for him to tell us how he has been waiting for us to draw nearer, and may this meeting fill our hearts and our lives with the greatest gift of all.

by Sr. Maria Kim Bui, FSP