There are over 100 Promised Pauline Cooperators who collaborate closely with the Daughters of St Paul in our various locations in the United States and English-Speaking Canada in the Pauline mission of evangelization with the means of social communication. 

There are many “perks” to being a Pauline Cooperator such as belonging to Pauline family and enjoying the spiritual graces bestowed on this spiritual family for one’s own journey of holiness. In addition, Cooperators collaborate on many apostolic initiatives with the Daughters of St Paul ranging from maintenance, organization, cleaning to helping out in our Pauline Book & Media centers, outreach and missions to parishes, schools, conference, catechetical and faith formation through lectio divina, cinema divina and among others. 

The greatest spiritual advantage linked to the Association of Pauline Cooperators is that the Holy See grants all Cooperators duly enrolled in the Association opportunities to gain the plenary indulgence on several Pauline feast days. The Society of St Paul, our brother priests in the Pauline family, also celebrate 2400 perpetual masses every year in gratitude to and acknowledgement of the Cooperators (Statutes of the Association of Pauline Cooperators, no. 19).

Click below to meet just a few of the Pauline Cooperators who have said yes to God's call!


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