Pauline Cooperators are called to carry out the Pauline mission in all its forms “such as providing catechesis in the family, writing and diffusion of the Gospel through media” (Handbook of Pauline Cooperators, p. 3). They participate in the Pauline mission, which is the very mission of Christ, the proclamation of the Kingdom of God: the glory of God and the salvation of men and women. Cooperators collaborate with different institutes of the Pauline family. In the United States and English-Speaking Canada, we have Pauline Cooperators who collaborate with the Daughters of St Paul at their various locationsMembers are called to cooperate in the Pauline mission through prayer, works, and offerings.


Prayer. Pauline Cooperators participate in the mission of evangelization first of all through prayer. It is the most important cooperation of the Pauline Cooperator for the spread of the Gospel and the coming of the Kingdom of God. Cooperators participate in personal and communal prayer and invite others to join them in prayer according to their state in life. Pauline Cooperators also offer their prayers and sufferings in reparation for sins committed through the media.


“The Cooperator cultivates a profound prayer of praise, thanksgiving, reparation and intercession in Christ…[and] is called to witness through life and word to the Gospel that he/she proclaims. To this end, time should be dedicated to reading and meditating on the Word to participation in the Eucharistic Celebration, to the Hour of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and to the Sacrament of Reconciliation” (Statutes of the Association of Pauline Cooperators, no. 15)

Works. Pauline Cooperators’ participation through works looks different for every cooperator according to their state in life. At the heart of each apostolic initiative, however, the Pauline Cooperator’s aim is to spread the Gospel through the modern means of communication.  For some, this involves working in a secular communications job or using social media to promote a culture of life, while others volunteer in a Pauline Books & Media center or incorporate media into the work that they do in their parishes. The works that Pauline Cooperators do to spread the Gospel are diverse in order to allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate all aspects of society.


“The Pauline Cooperator gives particular attention to those works and means that assist in Christian formation, promote Eucharistic adoration, and offer liturgical animation. They work in the production of films and in programs for television and radio that are culturally uplifting and Catholic in spirit. Cooperators may be found in diocesan communication departments or teaching media in schools” (Handbook of Pauline Cooperators, p. 3)

Offerings. Pauline Cooperators generously promote the evangelization efforts of the various institutes of the Pauline Family through material support according to their means. In his work of evangelization, St. Paul received alms from Christians which helped further his missionary endeavors. “In the person of the Apostle, generous Christians honored and served God himself. Their help became, therefore, “a pleasing smell, the sacrifice which is acceptable and pleasing to God” (Phil 4:18), and they merited to receive greater spiritual graces: “My God will fulfill all your needs out of the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19).”

Therefore, the material ways that the laity collaborate in the mission of a religious congregation are beautiful, important and honor the gifts that all states of life have to offer for the furthering of the Kingdom of God.