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Becoming Jesus
"Put on the Lord Jesus Christ"
(Saint Paul)

“It’s not enough that we use the media of communication to spread the Gospel, but we ourselves need to become a communication of the Gospel. Communication is central to everything that I as a Pauline am and want to be” (Sr. Marie Paul Curley).

The Pauline mission is to prolong Christ’s self-giving in today’s world. Like Paul we are overwhelmed by the love of Jesus, “who died for me.” We feel impelled to tell about the Lord, who has “shown us great mercy.” Daily we seek to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ,” to be gradually transformed in him. We begin each day at Mass, which roots us in the gift of love, the Eucharist. At the celebration of the Eucharist we encounter Christ glorified, whom we then receive as the humble nourishment that dissolves within us to sustain us.

The hour of Eucharistic adoration is the spiritual treasure of the Pauline life. It is here that a Daughter of St. Paul enters into the deep bond of love the Word shares with the Father. It is here that she takes on the face of Jesus, his desire to save all people, his love to the point of death. The hour of adoration is a time of vital, direct contact with the Master in which the Master penetrates us and transforms us into light: “I am the light of the world. You are the light of the world” (John 9:5; Matthew 5:14). It is before the Eucharist that all our apostolic projects are born.

Individually and communally, we nourish ourselves also on the Bread of the Word, heeding the Lord’s invitation to allow his words to remain in us, allowing ourselves to be evangelized by the “all-surpassing knowledge of Christ.” Gradually our lives are transformed by the living voice of God. The Word becomes rooted in us, and it is out of this word that we speak, write, design—create.

It is from Christ the Master, then, that we expect everything, according to a promise that he made to our Founder: “Do not fear: I am with you. From here [the tabernacle] I will cast light. Be sorry for sin.”

“To live as Jesus, in Jesus, with Jesus, to love so much as to give over one’s very life: this is the glory of the Father. Today, in the third Christian millennium, many people do not know the Father’s face, but if we are totally rooted in Jesus and let ourselves be transformed in him, we can still bear fruit for a world that is so thirsty for love, thirsty for God. In Jesus, we can reveal the face of Love” (Sr. Joanna Puntel, FSP).

  • Her daily hour of adoration of the risen Jesus in the Eucharist is a Daughter of St. Paul's precious treasure. It is here, in the school of Jesus, that she learns to give herself completely, as he did, for the salvation of the world, becoming bread broken for the life of the world.

  • From the beginning of our religious life to our senior years, the Mass is the center of each day. Here we are transformed by the Word of God and the Body of Christ.

Growing in a spirit of praise and thanksgiving, we learn to love and compassionately embrace the hungers of the human family.
As Christ was sent by the Father, he now sends us through the Church 'to preach' the Gospel to everyone.
imgDaughters of a great father
We communicate the Gospel with the passion and the courage of the Apostle Paul.
imgThe School of Jesus
Mary is the teacher who leads us to the school of her Son Jesus and forms us for the apostolate.
imgIn Prayer
Through the power of the Spirit, we are conformed more and more completely to Christ.
imgGrace must enter everywhere
Our whole day and our entire being must be caught up in prayer. (The Founder)
In the years of postulancy and novitiate a young woman experiences life in our community, grows in awareness of her vocation, and begins to dedicate herself to the work of evangelization.
imgChosen and sent
"The Lord could have chosen you for many other tasks, but in choosing you to carry out the apostolate of communications he gave you a mission very close to the mission fulfilled by Christ." (The Founder)
imgJoyful apostles
"Happy those who hear the word of God and keep it." (Jesus)
imgThe Light
The Daughter of St. Paul has the same mission as the Apostle Paul: to give the world what he had received from Jesus Christ. And what had he received from Jesus Christ? The Light.
imgOffering our entire being
We are called to become a communication of Christ's love even in the demanding field of social communications.
imgA life centered on the Eucharist
The daily hour of Eucharistic adoration is a privileged moment in which each one, as a disciple, places her entire being in the school of Jesus.
imgChoosing Christ
The initial years of formation in the Daughters of St. Paul are a school of faith, of discipleship, a journey of life that leads to the radical choice of Christ.
The novices prepare themselves for a total, free and conscious self-donation to the Father, following Christ the Master in the practice of the evangelical counsels.
imgQueen of the Apostles
Our vocation matures in the presence of Mary, Mother, Teacher, and Queen of the Apostles. From her we learn how to give Jesus to the world.
imgBearers of Christ
"You live in the world, but you are not of the world. You work in the world, but you wait until heaven for your reward. Bearers of Christ.... Bring the truth in charity." (The Founder)
imgConsecrated life
Consecrated life needs mysticism, passion, and prophecy. It gives birth to a mission that is attractive, courageous, and passionate.
imgMeeting Jesus in HIs Word
The Pauline life is not a matter of doing. It is a way of being before Jesus Christ whom we meet in his Word. Finding him we are joyous, speak with him, understand his values, take on his choices. We learn a new way of being and relating to others.
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